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Join me as I navigate being a grandparent with all its ups and downs, emotions and especially the rewards!


New Identity

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

"We are pregnant!" Those three powerful words immediately and dramatically changed my life and my identify. I struggled with thinking of myself as a grandmother when my brain still convinced me every day that I was still 26 years old. Of course, my 56 year old body knew otherwise. Traitor body! I was so excited for my son and daughter-in-law, for the family, for my husband and me, but grandma, nana, me maw, mimi? Who was I supposed to be now? I knew this was another major milestone in my life, causing my world to once again shift under my feet. Stumbling forward I took stock.

The excitement decreased a notch or two once I was by myself and my mind quickly shifted gears racing forward as if I was retaining a championship NASCAR title (or insert any other race you fancy.) Random words steadily streamed through my mind on an annoying loop - baby shower, shower gifts, gender, crib, baby room, diapers, wipes, sleepless nights, etc. All the memories of my own pregnancy and son's birth came forward front and center. Wait, a minute! I'm not having the baby this time - I am the grandparent! Brah ha ha!

Follow me on my journey as I came to grips with my new identity, learning as I skipped along in to grandparenthood with only a few scrapes and bruises!

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